In 2002, a former school teacher, Malkin Dare, concerned about the many students who struggled with their school work, made the choice to start a charity dedicated to improving success for kids. Since then, the Society for Quality Education has helped thousands of educators and parents assist children across Canada in reaching their potential for learning. Through Malkin’s extraordinary efforts, our organization offers free remedial resources on our website, holds events and funds research studies on education, has sat at the table with Ontario legislatures regarding education improvement, and continues to be committed to helping every child in Canada succeed in school.

At the front and centre of our efforts was our Executive Administrator, Doretta Wilson, who for many years promoted our cause and superbly made a case for how we can achieve better results in education, and why that’s so important.  Doretta’s advocacy and media work on SQE’s behalf helped this organization grow and succeed by assisting thousands of families across Canada.

Doretta’s recent retirement as Executive Director leaves the SQE board with a heavy heart, but we wish her a well deserved farewell as she enjoys her new adventure.

SQE’s board is made up of parents, journalists, and educators who believe every child can succeed in school. Earlier this year the SQE board made the decision to invest in re-branding ourselves in an effort to reach a wider audience and bring attention to the Canadian school system.  Starting with a brand new website that continues to offer remedial resources, we will be launching an aggressive, focused strategy in bringing attention to what we can do to create a better education system and to ensure no student is left out.  To help make this happen, our charity heavily relies on donations (all donations are issued a tax receipt). Through advocacy, media, research studies, events, and programs, SQE would like to be a leading charity in Canada that focuses primarily on achieving student success in a globally competitive world.

SQE would also like to hear more feedback from parents and educators. Sharing your challenges and struggles – and your successes – is important in addressing weaknesses and strengths and in creating a thriving system.

Help us achieve the goal of student success.

Maddie Di Muccio, Executive Director, SQE